For some women, menstruation or menstruation can trigger disturbing symptoms, from pain, stomach cramps, to bloating. So that daily activities are not disturbed because of these symptoms, there are various ways that can be tried. One of them is to drink ginger during menstruation.

Traditionally, ginger has often been used to relieve various symptoms of disease, including during menstruation. But the benefits are not just a myth. Scientifically, the relationship between ginger consumption and menstruation has been studied quite often and gives positive results.

There are several benefits that you can get from drinking ginger during menstruation including:

Relieves stomach cramps during menstruation

The most common benefit that you can get from drinking ginger during menstruation is that the cramps in the stomach subside. These properties are obtained from various ingredients in ginger, which can prevent the creation of inflammation in the body by inhibiting the production of prostaglandins. Prostaglandins are natural chemicals that trigger contractions in the body, including muscle contractions that help the uterine lining to shed during menstruation. The occurrence of abdominal cramps during menstruation is closely related to the increased production of prostaglandins. So if the amount is reduced, the risk of cramps will decrease.

Relieves bloating

Some women feel bloated during menstruation and drinking ginger is considered to be able to help relieve it. These benefits are obtained from the anti-inflammatory and anti-pain properties of ginger. Even so, you are not advised to consume too much ginger. The reason, this can actually trigger other digestive disorders.

Controlling menstrual blood volume

Drinking ginger during menstruation is also considered useful for controlling the volume of blood that comes out. The ability of this spice was proven in a study on 92 school-age girls who experienced heavy bleeding during menstruation.

Researchers then recorded and evaluated the subjects’ menstrual cycles for six months.
As a result, the group of students who consumed ginger during menstruation was shown to experience a decrease in menstrual blood volume. This makes ginger a choice of remedy for women who often experience excessive bleeding during menstruation.

Side effects of drinking ginger during menstruation

This spice is generally safe for consumption during menstruation. But if you consume ginger in excess, the risk of diarrhea and heartburn will increase. Ginger can also act as a blood thinner. Therefore, if you have a history of bleeding disorders or regularly take medicines that can affect the blood, consult your doctor before taking ginger during menstruation.