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The ingredients of the intimate bleaching treatment

Intimate bleaching, a cosmetic procedure growing in popularity, is now more common. Intimate bleaching creams have become very popular. These creams lighten intimate areas and restore the skin’s natural color. The effects of time can also affect the erogenous area. Therefore, intimate bleaching can be used to remove excess pigmentation. This could be due to a lack of excessive sun exposure. The skin may also become darker due to excessive sun exposure.


Do you want the intimate bleaching Miami treatment you are looking for? Next, you will need to know how to eliminate dark spots using a bleaching procedure.

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Understanding Cystic Hygromas in Babies

Hygromas in Babies The presence of a lump in the neck of a newborn can indicate a cystic hygroma. The shape of the lump caused by this condition can resemble a fluid-filled sac (cyst). Let’s get to know more about what a cystic hygroma is and its causes, symptoms, and how to treat it below.

What is a cystic hygroma?

A cystic hygroma is an abnormal growth and can appear on a baby’s neck or head.

In general, this condition is characterized by the appearance of one or more cysts that tend to enlarge over time.

Most cases of cystic …

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Milkfish Nutritional Content and Potential Benefits for Health

Milkfish is a type of fish that is easily found . In addition to the savory taste, the nutritional content of milkfish is also very much. Eating milkfish that is processed in the right way in moderate portions, can potentially be healthy for your heart, brain, and bones.

Milkfish nutritional content

The nutritional content of milkfish can provide many health benefits. Milkfish can be a source of animal protein, vitamin B complex and selenium. In addition, this fish is also a significant source of fat, saturated fat, cholesterol and calories.

In 85 grams of milkfish there are nutrients in the …

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How to Get Rid of Nausea that is Effective and Easy to Do

Nausea in pregnant women is normal. However, many people do not know how to deal with nausea that can be done easily. So that nausea does not continue to interfere with activities, you should immediately try several ways to get rid of nausea.

One of the most effective and quick ways to get rid of nausea is by taking nausea medication. But make no mistake, natural methods such as consuming ginger, spices, and lemons are also believed to help overcome this condition. One of the things that need to be considered before trying to get rid of nausea is knowing …

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How to Control Weight During Pregnancy

Adequate nutritional intake during pregnancy is important, it’s just that too much carbohydrate consumption can lead to much greater weight gain during pregnancy. Weight gain beyond the recommended amount can increase the risk of pregnancy and childbirth complications, you know, Jovinas!

Although difficult, maintaining weight during pregnancy is important to do. Here are 7 ways to control weight during pregnancy that pregnant women can do. Come on, see more!

Start Pregnancy at a Healthy Weight

One way to control weight during pregnancy is to start pregnancy at a healthy weight. Many women become obese while pregnant, which puts them at …

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Benefits and risks of side effects of the CICO diet

In general, the benefits of the CICO diet are the same as other weight loss diet methods. The creation of an ideal body weight from a calorie deficit can support health in various ways, namely:

  • Reducing the risk of health problems, such as heart disease, cancer, respiratory problems, sleep apnea or stopping breathing while sleeping, to depression
  • Improve mobility and overall quality of life

Even so, the CICO diet is also inseparable from the risk of side effects that arise. This relates to the principle of a diet that only focuses on the number of calories, regardless of the type …

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More Fresh and Energized, These Are Signs of Detox Success

Detoxification (detox) has become a popular word on the internet lately. Especially when entering the COVID-19 pandemic, which has made many people start adopting a new, healthier lifestyle. Those of you who have or are doing it, of course, must know the signs of a successful detox or not.

In general, of course, your body will feel fresher because the impurities in the body can be removed. However, are there any other signs that can be clearly felt? Well, check out the information below!

Get to know your body detox

Detox is an activity that neutralizes toxins in the body …

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How to Lower High Cholesterol Naturally

High cholesterol levels in the blood can cause health problems, one of which is heart disease. In order for the body to stay healthy, make sure to keep the levels normal. If the levels increase, try lowering high cholesterol naturally below.

Causes of high cholesterol
Before trying how to lower high cholesterol naturally, it’s good to know the cause.

Cholesterol is a naturally occurring substance produced by the liver. In normal levels, cholesterol does not cause harm to the body. However, when it increases, it can increase a person’s risk of developing blockage of blood vessels, kidney failure, and even …


Benefits of Physical Fitness for Health and its types

It is common knowledge that the main benefit of physical fitness training is to make the body healthier and fitter. However, did you know that this sport can also nourish your mental state?

Understanding physical fitness itself is actually a movement that requires muscle work so that your body will burn calories. However, being active will not only lose body fat, but also reduce the risk of depression so that your quality of life will also improve.

Benefits of physical fitness exercise for physical and mental health

Physically, the benefits of physical fitness training that you can feel include:



Can pregnant women go up and down stairs?

Going up and down stairs may be a taboo for some pregnant women. One reason is to avoid the risk of falling. However, some find going up and down stairs as a beneficial physical activity. Then, which one is correct? Can pregnant women go up and down stairs? Check out the full review below.

Can pregnant women go up and down stairs?

Pregnant women may go up and down stairs as long as the mother’s condition is healthy and the pregnancy goes smoothly, without pregnancy complications. It doesn’t matter if you are pregnant or pregnant at 36 weeks or 39 …