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Benefits of Aloe Vera for Diabetes

You may already know the benefits of aloe vera for beauty. However, did you know that aloe vera also has health benefits, including good for diabetics? Check out a review of the benefits, risks, and ways of consuming aloe vera for diabetes that are safe below.

Benefits of aloe vera for diabetes

Diabetes is a condition of elevated blood sugar levels that occurs when the body doesn’t produce enough insulin or use it effectively to get glucose into cells.

Insulin is a hormone that plays a role in keeping blood sugar levels stable. Persistently high and untreated blood sugar …

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This is the Type of Sports for Beauty

Healthy and youthful skin is not only obtained from external care, but also from within. One way to treat beauty from within is to exercise.

In fact, exercise also plays an important role in the beauty of your skin. Because, by exercising blood circulation becomes smoother which is good for overall body health, including skin health.

Therefore, start taking care of your skin and body with regular exercise. Here are 7 types of exercise for the beauty of your skin. Come on, see more!


The first type of exercise for beauty is yoga. Now, yoga has been chosen as …

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How to Maintain Skin Health for Career Women

Career women who are actively working generally have a lot of outdoor activities and busy activities throughout the day. Because of this, skin problems often appear, such as dull skin, large pores, acne, and signs of premature aging such as wrinkles and fine lines.

Skin problems that are often experienced by career women are caused by lack of care because they are constantly busy at work. In fact, taking care of the skin from an early age is very important to overcome a number of skin problems and also prevent skin aging from appearing faster.

Even though you are busy …

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The Impact of Lack of Sleep on Children’s Brain Development

Depending on age, children basically need more hours of sleep than adults. Sleep is an important part of a child’s mental and physical health, including the brain. This affects a child’s ability to concentrate, and a study also mentions that lack of sleep can affect a child’s brain development. The following is a complete explanation of the impact of sleep deprivation on children’s brain development and how to deal with sleep deprivation.

The Impact of Lack of Sleep on Children’s Brain Development

Sleep is a way to restore brain energy. A well-rested brain can solve problems, learn new information, and …

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The Risk of Being Overweight During Pregnancy

Excess weight gain during pregnancy puts both mother and baby at risk for complications of pregnancy and childbirth, which include:

Incorrect Ultrasound Results

If you are overweight during pregnancy and have a lot of body fat, medical personnel may find it difficult to see and diagnose your baby during an ultrasound.


The older the pregnancy, the more discomfort the mother will feel. Moreover, if pregnant women do not control their weight, this will exacerbate back pain, stomach cramps, leg cramps, heartburn, and joint pain.

High blood pressure

Accumulated fat increases the risk of gestational hypertension, which is diagnosed in …

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How to Control Weight During Pregnancy

Adequate nutritional intake during pregnancy is important, it’s just that too much carbohydrate consumption can lead to much greater weight gain during pregnancy. Weight gain beyond the recommended amount can increase the risk of pregnancy and childbirth complications, you know, Jovinas!

Although difficult, maintaining weight during pregnancy is important to do. Here are 7 ways to control weight during pregnancy that pregnant women can do. Come on, see more!

Start Pregnancy at a Healthy Weight

One way to control weight during pregnancy is to start pregnancy at a healthy weight. Many women become obese while pregnant, which puts them at …

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Benefits and risks of side effects of the CICO diet

In general, the benefits of the CICO diet are the same as other weight loss diet methods. The creation of an ideal body weight from a calorie deficit can support health in various ways, namely:

  • Reducing the risk of health problems, such as heart disease, cancer, respiratory problems, sleep apnea or stopping breathing while sleeping, to depression
  • Improve mobility and overall quality of life

Even so, the CICO diet is also inseparable from the risk of side effects that arise. This relates to the principle of a diet that only focuses on the number of calories, regardless of the type …

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Getting to know the CICO Diet for Weight Loss, Is it Really Effective?

Ever heard of the CICO diet? This type of diet is claimed to be able to lose weight by paying attention to calories in and calories out, is it really effective?

Before trying it, consider the following reviews about the benefits, possible side effects, and how to do the CICO diet.

What is the CICO diet?

CICO means calories in calories out. The CICO diet is a weight loss method by keeping the number of calories in is not greater than the number of calories out.

In other words, the CICO diet uses the concept of a calorie deficit to …

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Signs of a successful detox and side effects of detox

That doesn’t mean that if you don’t experience the signs, your detox hasn’t worked. It could be that the duration of detoxification has not been maximized. The following are signs of a successful detox that can be felt directly by the body:

Weight loss

When toxins in the body are removed, the body no longer needs fat to absorb these toxins. In other words, fat in the body will come out along with feces. It’s possible that your stomach is flatter or your cheeks are thinner after detox.

The body becomes more energetic

Detoxification will make the metabolism better, so …

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More Fresh and Energized, These Are Signs of Detox Success

Detoxification (detox) has become a popular word on the internet lately. Especially when entering the COVID-19 pandemic, which has made many people start adopting a new, healthier lifestyle. Those of you who have or are doing it, of course, must know the signs of a successful detox or not.

In general, of course, your body will feel fresher because the impurities in the body can be removed. However, are there any other signs that can be clearly felt? Well, check out the information below!

Get to know your body detox

Detox is an activity that neutralizes toxins in the body …