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Our body consists of several organs, such as liver, lungs, kidneys, spleen, brain and so on. All these organs have their respective functions. Of course, to carry out its metabolic functions, nutrients are needed. Where does the supply of nutrients to these organs come from?

Yes, that’s the main role of our heart, pumping nutrients to all organs of the body. Disruption of one organ will affect the performance of other organs, either from interference with other organs that will damage the heart or vice versa from heart problems that can damage other organs. This is where it is important …

Health Magazine

Early Signs and Characteristics of Pregnant with Twins

Although actually getting a twin pregnancy usually occurs due to heredity, but there are many cases where twin pregnancies exist because of carrying out a pregnancy program using herbal medicines. Regardless of whether the testimony is true or not, here are some of the characteristics of being pregnant with twins that you need to know.

Early Signs and Characteristics of Pregnant Twins That Can Be Recognized Early

Who is not happy to have twins? Especially if the pregnancy has been awaited for a long time, of course, the happiness that feels becomes more complete. Some mothers who are pregnant with …