In this world there are no couples who are completely compatible with each other. Even couples who have been married for a long time will find one or two things that don’t match. Therefore, you should start learning how to accept your partner’s shortcomings for a more harmonious relationship.

Lack of this partner can often lead to fights that can lead to separation. However, this can actually be avoided if you are willing to accept your partner’s shortcomings and communicate them well. Accepting the strengths and weaknesses of a partner and maintaining good communication are ways to maintain domestic relations.

How to accept your partner’s flaws

Loving a partner’s flaws may not be easy. You are bound to be often annoyed, angry, disappointed, or sad. You need an acceptance process that must be done continuously. If you truly love your partner and want to live with them, try accepting your partner’s flaws.

Realize your shortcomings

Before getting annoyed with your partner’s flaws or ugliness, remember that no one is perfect. You too have flaws in yourself. Try to remember what your flaws are that your partner might not like. Who knows, it turns out that your partner is more forgiving and more able to accept you for who you are. Realizing your own shortcomings also makes you accept your partner for who they are.

Review the shortcomings of a partner

Sometimes the lack of a partner is not as big as you think. However, you may feel annoyed and feel that the badness of your partner is something that is not acceptable. On the one hand, it could be that the positive traits it has far outweigh the drawbacks. So, start loving your partner’s flaws. Love accepts flaws is a perfect feeling.

Know your dislike triggers

There are times when you feel such great dislike. This is triggered by a partner who shows his shortcomings. However, this could be due to other factors. You could be traumatized because you had a bad experience with the shortcomings of your partner. Therefore, you immediately respond defensively.

Overcome the lack of a partner

Accepting your partner’s shortcomings, especially when your partner doesn’t change his bad attitude is a difficult thing. However, you can slowly accept your partner’s flaws by finding ways to work around them.
For example, if your partner is often late, you can work around this by giving them an extra 30 minutes of time or schedule. This method is a good step to avoid delays in your partner.

Establish good communication

Communication is the key to any romantic relationship. With communication, you become more aware of the nature of your partner. Better yet, you can be more trusting and less easily offended when your partner makes a mistake.
In this case, you do not need to be dissolved in the ugliness of your partner. Look for a way out or a solution to minimize your partner’s bad attitude and slowly you begin to realize that you can accept your partner’s shortcomings. With good communication, you will feel like you have the perfect partner.

Remind each other

He has flaws, you must have flaws. The wisest step is to remind each other. That way, you and your partner can minimize each other’s shortcomings or bad things. Remember in a kind way. Use compassion because the person you are dealing with is a loved one. Make sure you don’t use a method that hurts her heart.

Be sincere with these shortcomings

You also have to believe that there are some things that can’t be changed. What you have to do is accept it sincerely. Keep praying for the best partner in all their shortcomings.
Vice versa. Apologize to your partner for the shortcomings you have. By supporting each other, your relationship will be more harmonious.