The reason is that the growth of important organs such as the lungs, heart, and also liver in premature babies, has not functioned perfectly. Therefore, the development and growth are different from a full-term baby. Check out what complete premature baby care is in this article. Why do premature babies need special care?

Quoting to the American Pregnancy Association, premature babies may not be fully ready to adapt to the outside world. The reason is, the organs of a premature baby’s body, especially the lungs, digestive system, and immune system are not yet mature enough to carry out their functions. This then makes the development of premature babies a little later than normal babies. Because of that, premature babies tend to have a higher risk of health problems than babies born at term. For this reason, premature babies need special care.

How to care for a premature baby at home

After birth, premature babies will usually receive intensive care in the NICU if there are health problems, especially breathing. Premature babies can only be brought home when they are 36 weeks and over, or when their weight reaches the standard determined by the doctor. The team of doctors will not send a premature baby home until they are sure that the little one is ready to go home and the parents are also ready to take care of him. Of course, before that, a team of doctors and nurses will also make sure parents and families understand how to care for premature babies after returning from the hospital. This includes teaching how to use equipment that may be needed. Here are some treatments that parents need to know.

Understand the baby’s condition

Before treating a premature baby at home, find out and understand how your little one’s condition is with a doctor. The more answers you get, the more slowly you will be able to handle the situation. Including when you see a change in his condition, immediately consult a doctor.

Continue to breastfeed

Exclusive breastfeeding is one way to treat premature babies so that they are fat and healthy. This is evidenced through the journal Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute Nutrients. Breast milk contains antibodies that can help fight infection and promote premature babies’ weight gain. In addition, body length and head circumference also grow faster.

If you have difficulty breastfeeding through the breast, you can also do how to breastfeed a premature baby using a special bottle or cup feeder. Make sure the baby feeds 8-10 times a day. Try to keep the interval no more than four hours to avoid dehydration in premature babies. Also ask your doctor about the need for supplements, additional vitamins, or formula milk.

Do the kangaroo method

The Kangaroo method of care is a way of caring for premature babies at home instead of a hospital incubator. With this method, the mother and baby will make skin contact because the baby is placed on the chest for a long time. The kangaroo method as a treatment for premature babies can keep the baby’s body temperature warmer, thus avoiding hypothermia. This method also facilitates breastfeeding, protects against infection, promotes growth and development of the baby, and increases the bond between baby and parent. In addition, the kangaroo method also makes the heart rate of premature babies more stable.