Easily upset and overthinking are symptoms of stress experienced by most of modern society today. Not infrequently when you are silent, your mind thinks about something that is sometimes stressful. Of course this can have an impact on health conditions so that how to calm the mind is mostly done by humans today.

Feelings of unease and tend to feel upset can make the person’s health become disturbed. Such psychological conditions are generally experienced by some people who live in modern times like today. Well, here are some causes that make the mind become restless and easily anxious.

Factors That Cause Anxiety

Anxiety and restlessness are mental disorders that are a serious concern for psychologists today. This is because of problems with brain function which regulates feelings of fear and also the stability of human emotions. There are several factors that can cause anxiety and restlessness, including:

Personality Disorder

Where this disorder is classified into three classes, namely personality disorders class a, class b and class c which is almost dominated by anxiety and emotions that are not well controlled.

Negative Experience

This is related to certain problems or events which leave a mark on the memory that is stressful and psychologically traumatizing.

Life Problems

An unsettled mind is also one of the big problems in life, which at this time is known as the quarter life crisis that often arises in most of the millennial young generation today.

Thyroid Disease

Anxiety and feeling uneasy can also be due to a disturbance in the heart rhythm or thyroid disease that arises due to a hormonal imbalance.

Drug side effects

Excessive consumption of drugs or substances is also one of the causes of excessive feelings of anxiety or stress. This is because the consumption of substances in the drug is excessive, such as caffeine or narcotics.

Mind Calming Tips

The emergence of anxiety and an uneasy mind often leads to a sense of stress and can have an impact on the physical health of the sufferer. Therefore, as much as possible to avoid thoughts by calming the mind that can be done simply on a regular basis. Here are tips to calm the mind easily.

Doing Meditation

Create peace within yourself through regular meditation activities. At the time of meditation, the brain will be emptied and negative thoughts that interfere can stay away. A calm atmosphere also helps in creating inner calm that creates a balance between thoughts and feelings.

Give thanks

One of the easiest ways to calm the mind is to be grateful. By being grateful for all the conditions that are lived, the mind will get used to accepting every situation, be it when it is difficult or spacious. Gratitude can start from the health you feel, the food you eat and the living facilities you get.

Reading Motivational Sentences

Through the many social media circulating today, not a few are slipping words of motivation or pearls to increase encouragement in life. This can eliminate anxiety, foster a sense of enthusiasm and confidence in yourself.