Most people think that alcoholic beverages only bring bad effects to the body. But there is a study that has successfully revealed that there are benefits of alcohol for the human body. But you need to know that alcoholic beverages can be drunk in small portions every day so as not to overdo it.

Benefits of Consuming Alcohol

Lowering the Potential for Impotence

The first is to reduce the potential for impotence. Impotence is a condition of dysfunction of the male genitalia. A study suggests that consuming a small amount of alcohol every day can reduce the potential for impotence by 25% to 30%. So with the right portion, alcohol can keep the male reproductive organs.

Dissolving Gallstones

The second is to shed gallstones. Gallstones can be caused by too much weight and prolonged stress. By consuming alcohol in the right portions, later a person will avoid prolonged stress and also be able to maintain an ideal body weight.

Lowering the Potential for Decreased Brain Function

The third is that drinking reduces the potential for brain function decline. Decreased brain function can cause a person to experience various diseases such as Alzheimer’s. A study found that consuming a small amount of alcohol every day can reduce the potential for impotence by 23%.

Lowering Diabetes Potential

The fourth is to reduce the potential for the emergence of diabetes. Alcohol can affect the production of hormones that play a role in increasing insulin sensitivity. This of course has a big influence in preventing diabetes.

Maintain Heart Health

The fifth benefit of alcohol is to maintain the health of the human heart. Alcohol can increase the amount of HDL or what we know as good cholesterol. Good cholesterol plays a role in maintaining the blood vessels in the heart. In this way, the heart will be maintained in a healthy condition.

Those are some of the good effects of alcohol consumed in moderation. You need to know that consuming alcohol in large quantities will actually have a bad impact on the human body. Next, let’s understand the bad effects of consuming excessive alcohol.

The Bad Effects of Excess Consuming Alcohol

Heart disease

The first is heart disease. Consuming alcohol in excessive amounts can cause heart disease, because the content of alcohol can cause narrowing of blood vessels. Not to mention, alcohol can also cause hypertension which is a cause of heart disease.

Digestive problems

The second is digestive problems. Consuming too much alcohol can actually damage the stomach. That way later a person will experience various digestive problems.

Damage to the Heart

The third is the occurrence of damage to the liver. Consuming too much alcohol can cause liver damage because alcohol carries too many toxic compounds.

Decreased Brain Function

The fourth is a decrease in brain function. Consuming alcohol in excessive amounts can cause a decrease in brain function, because the blood supply is blocked in providing oxygen and nutrients to the brain. Therefore, to feel the benefits of alcohol, you should not consume too much alcohol.

Excessive alcohol consumption itself does have a bad impact on the liver. Alcohol in high amounts in the body will be processed in the liver into several harmful compounds such as ketones and triglycerides, causing liver cirrhosis and fatty liver.