Stripes on the face is one thing that is very annoying, so people often want to get rid of the stripes. There are several ways to get rid of spots on the face that we can use, either naturally or by using medicine.

But indeed the safest way in our opinion is the natural way because it is healthier and also safer. Here we will provide information on natural ways to get rid of the inside of our face.

Using Lemon Water

The first way to get rid of spots on the face area is to use lemon water, this is one of the natural ingredients. Because lemon water is believed to lighten the skin, including the skin on our face naturally.

You can apply your facial skin using lemon water and do a gentle massage on the face. Do it regularly to get good results from the use of lemon water.

Using Cucumber

Cucumber is one of the vegetables that contain vitamin A which is almost the same as that in carrots. Where the content is very good for our skin, so we can use it to get rid of the stripes on our faces.

How to use this cucumber is to blender the cucumber and then mix it with aloe vera gel until it forms like a paste. After that use it as a mask on the face, then the skin will become brighter.

Using Green Tea

The next way is to use green tea which contains a lot of very high antioxidants. This antioxidant also has very good benefits for the skin which is known for free radicals every day from various sources.

Starting from solar radiation, then dust and dirt which of course can make facial skin turn black and so on. Using a green tea mask makes the skin clean and is a way to get rid of spots on the face.

Using Aloe Vera

The next ingredient that can also be used to refresh the skin, especially facial skin is using aloe vera. Gel from aloe vera can cool the skin that may be sunburned after a day outside the house. So that by using aloe vera gel on a regular basis will be able to prevent and eliminate the spots on your face.

Utilizing Yogurt

One of the benefits of yogurt is that it can relieve irritation and also infections that occur on the skin, including the face. Usually the infection occurs due to sunburn, so it is necessary to use yogurt to relieve it.

And with such content, making yogurt itself can be used to get rid of the spots that usually occur due to sunburn. Mix yogurt with lime juice and then apply it on your face to use as a mask.

Using Jicama Scrub

The last way that can be used is to use a yam scrub, this is very effective at removing stripes. The trick is to grate yam and also mix it with yogurt as a natural scrub. Jicama has long been known to be a way to remove spots on the face and brighten them.