Cancer is a dangerous disease that can be life threatening because it has the highest risk of death. Cancer is a disease caused by cancer cells, namely cells that have undergone genetic changes. Many factors can trigger the occurrence of cancer, one of which is food, most cancer-triggering foods are consumed without realizing the danger.

List of Cancer Trigger Foods and Drinks

Based on research, food is the main factor that causes cancer. Certain foods and drinks can increase the risk of developing cancer. The following types of foods cause cancer risk:

Red meat

Red meat contains nutrients that are good for the body when consumed in reasonable quantities. Although red meat is a good source of protein and minerals, red meat is also high in cholesterol and saturated fatty acids. Red meat is found in beef, pork, and mutton.

According to the international agency for cancer research (IARC), consuming too much red meat can increase the risk of developing cancer. This also applies to processed red meat products such as bacon, sausage, ham, and smoked meats. These types of processed foods are categorized as containing substances that can trigger cancer or are carcinogenic.

A reasonable consumption of red meat is about 70 grams per day. You can replace red meat with healthier meat, namely lean meat or fish. The processing of red meat can also affect the high level of carcinogenic in meat, namely the way of processing fried, baked, and roasted.

Instant food

Instant foods are included in cancer-causing foods because they contain carcinogenic ingredients. Instant food contains acrylamide which can increase the risk of cancer, so it needs to be watched out for. Acrylamide substances can also be found in foods that contain high carbohydrates but are processed using too high a temperature.

In addition, instant food also contains artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and sodium nitrite which can trigger cancer. Preservatives in instant food usually contain sodium benzoate which can react to become benzene if consumed together with vitamin C so that it can trigger cancer.

Sodium nitrite itself is an ingredient that is usually used to preserve meat such as canned meat or sausage. This material is an additive that can trigger gastric cancer so it is necessary to be careful about its use so as not to overdo it.

alcoholic beverages

Alcoholic drinks are also known as liquor which can cause dangerous cancer. Alcoholic beverages when consumed in excess can cause various complications of cancer such as oral cancer, colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, to liver cancer.

Instant drinks are also included in the type of cancer-causing drinks because they contain artificial sweeteners and high sugar. Instant drinks are not good to be consumed in excess because of the risk of high blood sugar and the cause of gastric cancer. Avoid consuming alcoholic beverages and excessive instant drinks to avoid cancer.