Knee joint health is important to note so that your mobility is not disturbed. In addition to diligent exercise, consumption of knee joint lubricating foods can also provide benefits. Eating the right foods can help relieve joint disorders such as stiffness, inflammation or pain.

Knee joint lubricating foods

Knee pain is often an early sign of osteoarthritis. This condition can certainly interfere with daily mobility, so it is necessary to immediately prevent or treat the symptoms from the start. One step you can try is to eat foods that can keep the knee joint well lubricated. That way, the feeling of stiffness and pain when moving can be reduced. Here are some foods that are good for your knee joints:

Low-fat milk

Milk is usually lined up as a good intake for bones. But actually, drinking milk is also believed to be good for the joints. In a study that looked at the impact of dairy consumption on arthritis, it was found that women who drank low-fat milk could help prevent the worsening of arthritis.


Cherries are known as a fruit that is widely used as a cake garnish. This anthocyanin-rich red fruit is good for consumption as a joint lubricating food because of its ability to reduce inflammation.

Olive oil

Olive oil or virgin olive oil can also help relieve inflammation for those of you who often have knee pain. This is because the content of compounds in olive oil, can have the same way of working as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Red peppers

Red peppers are rich in vitamin C which is beneficial in the formation of collagen. It is a protein that is part of cartilage, tendons and ligaments. These tissues function to unite and protect joints. Adequate intake of vitamin C will be able to help the knee joint stay healthy.

Fatty fish

Fatty fish is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are beneficial for relieving inflammation. One of the recommended fatty fish is salmon. Besides containing omega-3 fatty acids, salmon is also rich in calcium and vitamin D which can help strengthen bones.


Turmeric extract contains the compound curcumin, which works as well as ibuprofen in relieving knee pain. To get knee joint lubricating food, you can add turmeric to cooking.


Often used as a breakfast menu choice, oatmeal made from whole wheat has many health benefits. Oatmeal has also been linked to lower levels of inflammation when compared to other wheat-based foods, such as flour.


Broccoli and similar vegetables such as cauliflower and mini cabbage are considered good foods for joint health because they contain the antioxidant compound sulphoraphane. These are substances that can block enzymes that cause joint pain and inflammation. Consuming it regularly helps relieve the inflammation of the knee joints that you feel.


Another good food for joints is ginger. The components in this spice are considered to block the production of substances that trigger inflammation in the body. Consuming ginger can help reduce the symptoms of inflammation in the knee joint.


Garlic is also a good food for joints because it is anti-inflammatory, so it can relieve symptoms of inflammation, such as stiff and painful knees. Not only that, garlic can also improve the work of the immune system, so it is good for overall health.

Foods to avoid for knee joint health

In addition to knee joint lubricating foods that are beneficial, there are also foods that should be avoided to maintain knee joint health. Some of these types of food include:


Although milk can help healthy joints, but its processed, namely cheese did not show the same potential benefits. Eating cheese is considered to accelerate the worsening of inflammatory joint conditions. This is probably due to the high fat content in it.

Fizzy Drinks

If you are a fan of fizzy drinks, then you should avoid consuming them to maintain knee joint health. The reason is, people who often drink soda are at a higher risk of developing joint inflammation. Soda is also high in sugar which is a bad food for joint health.

Alcoholic drinks

The more beer you drink, the higher your risk of developing knee or hip inflammation. What’s more, a bulging stomach due to drinking too much beer (beer belly) can also be extra pressure on the joints.

Foods high in saturated fat

Foods high in saturated fat such as processed foods or fast food are one of the most common types of foods that cause joint pain. The high content of saturated fat in these foods can increase the risk of inflammation.

Those are the types of knee joint lubricant foods and their taboos. The right diet can help relieve the symptoms of arthritis in the knee joint. If you have other medical conditions, you should first consult with your doctor before including certain types of food in your anti-inflammatory diet.