The frequency with which babies feed varies. Some babies may sleep more, while others often, and suckle a lot. To prevent your baby from experiencing the symptoms of a lack of breast milk, try:

  1. Immediately give breast milk in the first hour since the baby is born to activate the cells in the breast to supply milk.
  2. Make sure the breastfeeding position is right so that you and your baby feel comfortable. Point the nipple toward the roof of the baby’s mouth and not his tongue.
  3. There is no need to make a special breastfeeding schedule. Give breast milk immediately when the baby shows signs of hunger.
  4. Make more contact with the baby to increase the hormone oxytocin which can help increase the amount of breast milk.
  5. If the amount of breast milk is not sufficient, consult a lactation counselor.

How to deal with a baby lacking breast milk

Babies who show signs of lack of milk need to get treatment immediately. Here are some breastfeeding tips so that your baby is full and what you can do.

Expressing or pumping breast milk

If your baby is having trouble taking breast milk straight away, try expressing or pumping the milk first. Then, give expressed breast milk using a cup feeder or bottle into the baby’s mouth.

Call a lactation counselor

You can also visit a lactation counselor who can help deal with signs that your baby is not getting enough milk.

Experts will help provide advice on how to give breast milk according to the needs of the baby.

A lactation counselor can assess if there are any conditions that need to be addressed during a breastfeeding session. For example, whether the position when breastfeeding makes the baby comfortable or still not quite right.

They can also examine why the baby is having trouble sucking or drinking breast milk.

So, in addition to finding out the problems or causes of signs of a baby not getting enough milk, you will also get suggestions to improve the quality of breast milk.

Call the doctor if there are symptoms of health problems

If the sign of a baby lacking breast milk is accompanied by symptoms of health problems, such as jaundice or dehydration, immediately take him to the hospital. You may also be advised to do some home treatments that can help improve the baby’s condition.