Newborns have soft, fragile, and more sensitive skin. For that, parents must know how to take care of baby’s skin, especially 0-6 months old to avoid irritation.

This also needs to be done to avoid the risk of skin diseases in babies. Here are some newborn skin care to make it smooth and soft, such as:

Clean with a washcloth

At birth, the baby’s skin will be coated with a white wax-like material, namely vernix caseosa. Later, these lumps will absorb into the skin.

In the first week of birth, simply clean the baby’s skin using a soft washcloth and warm water. No need to wash it with soap.

You can bathe it with soap and water only on areas of the baby’s body that are dirty, such as the folds of the neck and the diaper area.

Don’t bathe too often

Citing the American Academy of Dermatology Association, parents need to keep their bodies clean.

That’s why, one way to care for newborn skin is to bathe it. However, it doesn’t have to be every day. Simply bathe newborns 2-3 times a week with warm or lukewarm water.

Keeping the umbilical cord clean

Another baby skin care is to clean the umbilical cord properly.

Try to keep the baby’s umbilical cord dry until it falls off naturally. When you bathe your little one, cover the umbilical cord so it doesn’t get in the water.

If the umbilical cord is dirty, use a wet tissue or alcohol swab to clean it.

When the umbilical cord comes off and bleeds a little, clean it and take care not to cut it.

Use special baby skincare products

To care for baby’s skin, you should use skincare for babies. For example, use fragrance-free shampoo, soap, or shampoo.

The fragrance in soap has a greater risk of causing irritation. Especially if the baby’s skin is very sensitive.

Apply lotion or moisturizer

Not all babies have to use a moisturizer. However, if the baby’s skin is dry and sensitive, using a moisturizer after bathing can help keep baby’s skin smooth and soft, even avoiding irritation.

Choose a moisturizer with a creamy consistency that doesn’t contain fragrance.

Apply moisturizer at least 2 times a day after bathing or more often if the weather is cold, dry, and you have eczema.

Change diapers as often as possible

Diaper rash is one of the most common skin problems in babies. One way to care for baby’s skin to avoid diaper rash is to change the diaper as often as possible.

Parents need to regularly clean the diaper area. Even if the diaper only feels slightly wet, clean and change it immediately to prevent diaper rash in babies.

After cleaning the buttocks, genitals, and thighs, let them dry. Apply an anti-diaper rash cream first.

Wash bed linen, blankets and clothes

Washing new clothes, sheets, or blankets is also a way of caring for baby’s skin. The reason is, the items that have just been purchased may be dirty and have the potential to irritate the baby’s skin.

Wash the equipment separately using baby soap or detergent.

Protect from the sun

Avoiding direct sunlight is part of how to take care of the skin of babies aged 0-6 months. For example, wear a hat and closed clothes made of cotton.

You can also protect it by taking shelter using an umbrella or stroller canopy.

This method can reduce the risk of the baby experiencing sunburn or prickly heat.

Parents need to know that sunscreen is safe to give to babies over 6 months old.