Excess weight gain during pregnancy puts both mother and baby at risk for complications of pregnancy and childbirth, which include:

Incorrect Ultrasound Results

If you are overweight during pregnancy and have a lot of body fat, medical personnel may find it difficult to see and diagnose your baby during an ultrasound.


The older the pregnancy, the more discomfort the mother will feel. Moreover, if pregnant women do not control their weight, this will exacerbate back pain, stomach cramps, leg cramps, heartburn, and joint pain.

High blood pressure

Accumulated fat increases the risk of gestational hypertension, which is diagnosed in the second trimester of pregnancy. Hypertension can cause problems during labor and also complications that require the mother to give birth early (prematurely).


Being overweight during pregnancy also increases the risk of preeclampsia, which affects the liver, kidneys, and other complications.

Big baby

The heavier the mother, the more likely the child to be born is also larger than the size of the baby in general (macrosomia). Usually, babies with this condition are usually delivered by caesarean section, and are also more at risk of developing childhood obesity.