Shame is considered a human thing. However, if this feeling occurs in excess, various aspects of life can be disrupted, such as career, health, to friendships. So, how to get rid of shyness? Shame is believed to close many opportunities in life. Because, this feeling can make a person avoid public situations to talk to other people.
The good news is that shyness can be overcome. Here are various ways to be less shy and confident that can be applied to children or adults.

Train yourself to smile

Turns out, smiling is considered one of the most effective ways to get rid of shyness, especially in children. The reason is, smiling can have a good impact on your mood. In a study published on the American Psychological Association’s website, smiling can help children deal with shyness and social anxiety in scary situations.

Talk to friends

The next way to not be shy and confident is to talk to friends while looking into their eyes. For someone who is shy, this can be intimidating. However, try to find a close friend you can trust and talk to him. Quoted from Psych Central, initiating conversations and expressing yourself with friends can help you overcome shyness and social anxiety. That way, you can feel more comfortable and accustomed to starting conversations with other people.

Find out the source of the shame you feel

You can change your shyness to be brave by finding out the source of your shy feelings. Once you know the root of your shyness, it will be easier for you to find a solution. For example, there was one traumatic moment that embarrassed you. Try to forget the moment and learn what mistakes you did in that moment. This method can also be applied to children who may have been involved in embarrassing situations at school. Help children to learn and forget the moment, and ask your child to learn from his mistakes. This way of mentally training a child to be brave is considered effective so that he can forget his past and try to be better.

Identifying triggers for perceived shame

Everyone has their own shyness triggers, such as speaking in public, confronting a boss, or taking someone out to dinner. In children, shyness triggers can include going to a new school or reading poetry in front of their friends.
Once you or your child know what triggers shame, you can train yourself to deal with the situation. How to deal with shy and timid children is expected to help the little one in fighting his shyness.

Explore your talents and strengths

Sometimes, the shame felt by children or adults can come from feeling insecure about their shortcomings. The way to deal with shy and timid children that you can try is to explore your talents and strengths. Ask friends or family for help to express what strengths your child has. This method of educating a shy and timid child is expected to make the little one more confident in what he has.

Invite trusted people in certain situations

Ketika Anda atau anak merasa malu saat harus datang ke sebuah pesta atau pertemuan penting, Anda dapat membawa orang-orang tepercaya untuk ikut, seperti sahabat, keluarga, atau pasangan.Cara menghilangkan sifat pemalu ini dipercaya dapat membuat Anda lebih percaya diri dalam menghadapi situasi sosial.Lambat laun, Anda diharapkan dapat terbiasa dan tidak perlu lagi mengajak orang lain saat harus mendatangi acara-acara tersebut di lain kesempatan.

Practice social skills

One of the causes of shy children that needs to be overcome is the lack of social skills. To overcome this, parents need to be more diligent in inviting them to communicate. If the child is not ready to practice his social skills in the community, invite him to practice at home. Make parents as interlocutors. If the child is comfortable and ready, then you can ‘test’ it in the community. This way of mentally training children to be brave is considered effective in growing self-confidence in the little one. Keep in mind, according to experts, shy children can experience a lack of self-confidence, doubt their abilities, and think that they are not as good as other children. As parents, help them to get rid of these things.

Give yourself a gift

If you’ve managed to overcome fear and shame, there’s nothing wrong with giving yourself a gift. This can motivate you to be more confident when you have to deal with social situations. This way of changing shyness to being brave can also be practiced on children so that they can be more enthusiastic in overcoming their shyness. The prize is not only in the form of material. Eating at your favorite restaurant, watching a movie at the cinema, or going to the shopping center can be a meaningful gift for you.