The stomach is the most important organ of our body, so we must continue to maintain the stomach so that it is always in a healthy condition. However, sometimes a swollen stomach appears which may cause some serious diseases if allowed to continue.

There are many causes for this swelling in the stomach, so we must study well what causes it to happen. If we already know later we will be able to handle it better and maximally.

Causes of Swollen Stomach

As we explained earlier, there are many causes for swelling that occurs in the stomach. And of course to be able to overcome this, we must first know what causes our stomach to become swollen.

Only then will we be able to address it properly, because if it is not done correctly, it can become a dangerous new problem. Well, here we will explain some of the causes that you should know about stomach disorders that swell.


Indigestion is one of the diseases that are very likely to cause the stomach to experience swelling which is certainly very dangerous. Acid content that is too large makes too much fluid in the stomach and also gas builds up there.

This of course will cause the stomach to experience swelling caused by the occurrence of acidic fluids that accumulate in the stomach. And this must be something to watch out for when our stomach has problems, especially if there is swelling.

Lactose Allergy

The second cause of stomach swelling is due to an allergic reaction to lactose, which is usually found in milk drinks. Usually, an allergy to milk often causes a swelling reaction in several parts of the body.

However, if the milk allergy is usually more directed at the internal digestive organs, namely the stomach. Some of the signs or symptoms, such as flatulence and nausea after consuming milk, could be the result of an allergy to the milk.

Intestinal Irritation

The next cause that might cause the stomach to swell is due to irritation of the large intestine. This irritating disorder can cause flatulence, nausea, abdominal pain and diarrhea or constipation may also appear. This irritation can cause the stomach to swell and eventually the stomach to enlarge and it becomes very dangerous.


Cirrhosis is a disease of liver cells that are replaced with scar tissue that is no longer functioning. This will cause the blood pressure that flows through the blood vessels around the liver to increase significantly.

This can cause a buildup of fluid in the stomach and can eventually lead to swelling. So that cirrhosis can be one of the causes of swelling in the stomach.

How to overcome

To overcome the occurrence of swelling in the stomach, none other than by changing a healthier lifestyle. Because if this is allowed to continue, it will be a dangerous disease for our bodies. So unhealthy eating habits as well as smoking and alcohol should be avoided to keep the stomach healthy. That’s one way to deal with a swollen stomach.