In addition to fruit, there are many types of vegetables for your diet that you can consume in order to get the ideal body shape. Although for some people eating vegetables sounds boring, but with your own creations, you certainly won’t have trouble making vegetables as food ingredients for your diet.

Then what types of vegetables can be used to launch a diet program? Is it possible to process it in any way or is it limited to only certain processing methods? We will discuss this in the following article.

Types of Vegetables for a Healthy Diet

The following are some recommendations of the best types of vegetables for your diet.


According to nutritional research, broccoli contains phytochemicals that function to help burn fat in your body. Regular consumption of broccoli can also help you to avoid the risk of getting cancer. You can add broccoli to your stir-fry dishes, steam broccoli until it boils until it can be consumed without problems.


Currently, there are a lot of mushroom preparations available. You can consume krispy mushrooms with various delicious spices or mix them into your cooking. Mushrooms have benefits for weight control and burn body fat well by controlling blood sugar in the body optimally.

Mushrooms are also known to contain a lot of protein that is useful for launching metabolic processes in your body. Thus the weight loss program can take place quickly and safely.


This orange vegetable has a very high vitamin A content. Believed to contain soluble and insoluble fiber in the body, carrots store many benefits in it. Carrots are perfect for you to make vegetables for your healthy diet. Consumption of carrots can be done by mixing the ingredients of carrots into your stir-fry dishes or by making them into a delicious juice drink.

Do a Healthy Vegetable Diet Correctly and Correctly

Doing a diet using vegetable ingredients can not be done carelessly. It aims so that your body still gets balanced nutrition and nutrition so that it can carry out your daily activities. There are several things you should do if you want to go on a diet with vegetables.

Balanced Food Menu

The first is to balance your healthy diet every day. Diet using vegetables does not mean you have to consume only vegetables in your daily menu. At least half of your plate contains the vegetables you choose for your diet.

drink more water

Don’t forget to increase your water intake which will make your body more hydrated and get enough drinking water intake to maintain good health. In addition, water is also believed to make appetite more controlled.


Don’t forget to exercise every day on a regular basis so that calories and fat in your body can be burned to the maximum. You can choose the type of sport that is most suitable and according to your needs. The ideal exercise for dieting is done for 1 hour per day and is done 5 times a week.