The Corona virus pandemic is still ongoing. The rate of spread is increasing, making many people continue to try to protect their health and that of their families by implementing health protocols and regularly consuming healthy foods and multivitamins.

One of the efforts that are now also being carried out is by drinking vitamin C. Unfortunately, many do not know the best time to drink vitamin C. Even though choosing the wrong time can result in not optimal efforts to get vitamin C nutrition in the body. Then when is the best time to take vitamin C? Here’s the review.

Get Maximum Benefits By Choosing The Right Time To Take Vitamin C

As is known, vitamin C is a type of vitamin that has been consumed by many people for a long time. Now, since the Corona virus came and vitamin C is claimed to be able to minimize the risk of contracting the Corona virus, more and more people are consuming vitamin C. Then the right time to consume this vitamin is in the morning, afternoon or evening?

Water soluble vitamins

Vitamin C is known to be a type of vitamin that is easily soluble in water. So if you want to consume it can actually be free to choose the time of the morning, afternoon or evening. Even this vitamin can be consumed without eating first. Because it is easily soluble in water.

Types of vitamins

Many are mistaken for choosing the time to consume vitamin C so that it can provide its own risks. If the consumption of vitamin C is combined with other types of vitamins, the best time to drink vitamin C is in the morning. However, if the consumption of vitamin C alone then it can be consumed in the morning or afternoon.

Get to know your body’s response

Some people show certain body responses after consuming vitamin C. Such as the body’s response to diarrhea or abdominal pain that occurs when taking vitamin C before eating. If this happens then you should take vitamin C after eating and avoid consuming it on an empty stomach.

Or a reaction where after consuming vitamin C actually causes them to have difficulty sleeping. So you should consume vitamin C in the morning or afternoon. So that it will not cause sleep disturbances alone.