Healthy and youthful skin is not only obtained from external care, but also from within. One way to treat beauty from within is to exercise.

In fact, exercise also plays an important role in the beauty of your skin. Because, by exercising blood circulation becomes smoother which is good for overall body health, including skin health.

Therefore, start taking care of your skin and body with regular exercise. Here are 7 types of exercise for the beauty of your skin. Come on, see more!


The first type of exercise for beauty is yoga. Now, yoga has been chosen as a regular exercise because of its calming effect. However, did you know that regularly doing yoga also plays a role in preventing skin aging?

Launching from the Redeart Yoga Center, yoga has the ability to reduce stress, make the jaw and eyebrows more relaxed so that they can reduce wrinkles naturally. Oxidative stress that reduces skin elasticity is also decreased by regularly doing yoga, which is beneficial for making you look younger.

Not only youthful, yoga can also improve sleep quality which also contributes to better skin texture and condition.

Cardio exercise

Doing cardio exercises such as skipping, burpees, and jumping jacks not only makes your body fitter and in ideal shape, but also benefits your skin’s beauty.

Peterson Pierre, a dermatologist, as quoted by Byrdie explains, “Exercise not only increases blood circulation which nourishes the skin, but also removes body waste and free radicals thereby protecting the skin from further damage.”

“Meanwhile, high-intensity cardio exercise (HITT) has been shown to have an anti-aging effect by increasing the activity of telomerase, the enzyme responsible for protecting DNA leading to better cell growth and regeneration,” he added.


Have you ever heard of this sport? Pilates is an outgrowth of yoga, which focuses on the abs, waist, pelvis, and thighs. Included in the type of exercise for beauty, Pilates can make your body shape more ideal by improving your posture.

Just like sports for other beauty, Pilates also helps improve blood circulation which gives a glowing effect on the skin and reduces inflammation.

Jogging or brisk walking

Clogged pores are a common cause of acne. Jogging can make the heart pump faster which increases blood circulation, thereby producing sweat and opening the pores of your skin.

The sweat that is released brings dirt, sebum, and toxins to the surface. That way, the pores become cleaner and free from acne.

On the other hand, jogging can also disguise your cellulite, you know, Jovians! Cellulite appears due to the high amount of fat in the body. Jogging regularly tightens the muscles and skin, so that the appearance of cellulite can be disguised.


Do you like swimming? In addition to making your body healthier and fitter, swimming can also make you look younger.

A study by Joel Stager, Director of Indiana University’s Councilman Center for the Science of Swimming, revealed that swimmers typically have physiological functions that make them 20 years younger.

In addition, swimming is one of the sports that burns the most calories and strengthens every muscle in the body. Therefore, swimming regularly can make the appearance of the skin and body as a whole.


Squats can also be a choice of exercise for beauty that can be done at home. Launching from Red Book Mag, squats for 10 minutes are very effective for making the face look youthful. The reason is, this sport makes muscles and bones tighter and stronger.

Regular squats also play a role in a more ideal body shape, by toning muscles and burning calories that allow you to reduce your weight.


The last sport for beauty is weight training. This sport is suitable for those of you who regularly exercise at the gym or other sports centers. Not only strong muscles and a toned body, lifting weights is an effective way to burn calories, strengthen bones, and keep your skin healthy.

Lifting weights can reduce stress levels that can affect the skin. However, if you have never lifted weights before, be sure to consult your doctor or personal trainer first to prevent injury.