Detoxification (detox) has become a popular word on the internet lately. Especially when entering the COVID-19 pandemic, which has made many people start adopting a new, healthier lifestyle. Those of you who have or are doing it, of course, must know the signs of a successful detox or not.

In general, of course, your body will feel fresher because the impurities in the body can be removed. However, are there any other signs that can be clearly felt? Well, check out the information below!

Get to know your body detox

Detox is an activity that neutralizes toxins in the body in a short time. The toxin or poison will then be excreted through urine, feces, or sweat.

The most common detoxification method is fasting to rest the digestive organs.

Some argue that this neutralization requires lots of water, fruits, and vegetables. That is, you have to undergo a strict diet (diet) by eating foods that contain high nutrients.

Not infrequently, this detox is also supported by supplements or herbal teas to help expedite the disposal of feces.

Detox is also claimed to accelerate the body’s metabolism and provide good nutrition for each organ. This diet is also believed to help overcome health problems and reduce the risk of obesity.

In addition, a nourished body will also be more resistant to inflammation, allergies, and excessive fatigue.

Recommendations for a detox diet that can be done

There are a number of detox diets that you can try to flush out toxins in the body. You can do one of these:

  • Fasting 1-3 days or intermittent fasting (David’s fast)
  • Drink fresh fruit or vegetable juices, teas, smoothies, and water
  • Drink lemon juice or salted water
  • Reduce consumption of food with metal content or that has been contaminated
  • Reduce consumption of alcohol, coffee, and artificial sweeteners
  • Reduce consumption of foods that can cause allergies
  • Exercise regularly
  • Taking laxatives or drinks containing probiotics
  • Taking supplements or herbal remedies

Each choice you take, of course, takes a different amount of time. Consult with your doctor first for proper medical advice.