Today there are many tests that you can perform at home. From a test to measure the level of glucose in the blood to one designed to reveal if there is a baby on the way. However, in the case of the at home DNA test, the procedure is a little different. You buy the kit on the internet and receive everything you need to take the saliva or blood samples, depending on the type of test. As DNA is very complex, it cannot be analyzed using chemicals as is done in other types of tests. This is where services like DNA testing with DDC come in, as laboratories are the only ones that have the necessary machines to analyze DNA. What you do at home is just take the samples, store them, fill in the form that comes in the kit and send everything to the lab.

Purpose and legality of home DNA tests

Keep in mind that sometimes a person needs to test their DNA but does not intend to use the results in a legal proceeding. For example, if a man wants to know if he is the father of a child and his partner agrees, he can perform a paternity test at home. Once the results come back, the couple makes a decision. Since the intervention of a judge is not required, this couple does not have to spend more money on a legally valid DNA test. The tests you do at home only serve as a means of information. Although they are completely legal tests, and the laboratory analyzes the samples as effectively as other types of tests, the results cannot be used in legal proceedings. In these situations, there are legally valid tests, which are more expensive and the samples are taken by authorized persons.

Where to buy them?

Have you visited your local pharmacy and not seen any DNA test? Don’t worry, there is a reason. Each laboratory creates its kits for sample collection. If you want to buy one of these tests, you have to look on the laboratories’ website. There you will find information about the different types of tests they make, the costs, shipping times, and how long it takes to get the results to you. You must read all the information before buying a test. These types of tests do not have returns, so if you buy the wrong one, you will have to spend more money to buy the right one. If you have questions, each laboratory offers a customer support section on their websites.